Connecting you with Virtual Executive Assistants/SideKicks

Starting at just $12/Hour Unlike others who charge $25 to $33 per hour we believe our Virtual SideKicks, who are competitive, smart, reliable and friendly, would be eager to help you save time so that you can go on to do things that you love!

Better Productivity Without Breaking the Bank

Straddled by a limited head-count? Challenged by tightening budget? Not enough TIME on your hands? Hard to find a professional team We know who can fit in! to get tedious work done? We can help find you a SIDEKICK!

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What you need is a SideKick

Imagine having more free time on your hands to do things that are more important to you. Make life easier by having a SideKick help you out!

Ready for a SideKick?

Like a SideKick our virtual assistants are here to help you with your needs. Whether it be booking a room or making reservations for that coming date, or whether it be helping you out with doing research online, your SideKick is here for you.


Social Media SideKick

Let your SideKick help you formulate and proof read social media content before deciding whether or not you would want to post it!

Online Researcher SideKick

Have your SideKick do any online research you require, whether it be on business services, blog topics or new products. Your SideKick can then come back to you with a summarized report.

Customer Service SideKick

Let your SideKick reach out to customers so that they feel in close contact with you or your team.

Bookkeeping SideKick

A SideKick can keep tabs on you bills, or written notes and have them typed out and documented just for you.

Database Entry SideKick

Whether it be a bunch of new business cards that you gathered from a conference, or a set of information that you need entered into a database, your SideKick can help you free up time by doing the task for you.

Travel Research SideKick

Your SideKick can help you find the perfect flight deals, or hotel deals. Specify a time, a place and get there!

Chasing Business SideKick

Let your SideKick help you prioritize business opportunities and find them as well. Whether it be trying to approach potential clients, or finding products on the web to buy or sell, your SideKick can help you!

Keep You Updated SideKick

Let your SideKick help you keep with industry knowledge by reading up on the latest news and summarizing them for you. Have your SideKick refer important links to you so that you can post them on your social media. Be the expert!

Scheduling SideKick

Your SideKick can remind you of upcoming appointments, or book appointments for you. Your SideKick can reserve seating at a restaurant or venue. All you need to do is be there for it!

Those are just a few things your SideKick can do. Here are several More!

  • Invite people to events, coordinate parties

  • Schedule appointments with professionals, barbers, dentists etc.

  • Reserve restaurant seating

  • Find services or goods, Order services or goods

  • Manage your customers and reply to them

  • Remind you of events and priorities

  • Be your Social Media Assistant

  • Have reports written out on the online research done

  • Have online research done on restaurants or venues

  • Have online research done on business industries

  • Have online research done on facts

  • Have online research done for you on products or goods

  • Have online research done for you on services

  • Write reports on research done online

  • Input data into reports or forms

  • Have handwritten notes typed out

  • Have blog posts read and proof read

  • Respond to your clients and schedule appointments